Unique Photo Gift Ideas

Unique Photo Gift Ideas

Do you have someone to buy a gift for who seems to have everything or is just hard to shop for?

Do you also have hundreds of photos stored on your hard drive just waiting to be put to good use? Merge these two ideas and come up with some great, unique photo gift ideas for a variety of occasions. These ideas can work for children or adults. They just require a little imagination and, of course, a few photos.

Cards and Gift Tags

You can select photos of the people you are sending holiday cards to, and have their pictures imprinted on the card. It adds a touch of personalized sentiment to the gesture. You can also have the photos printed as gift tags. This is especially effective at Christmas or occasions where more than one person will be receiving a gift. Simply place the gift tag with the recipient’s picture on the gift and you’re done. It can also work at weddings and showers where the photo on the tag is of the person sending the gift. You will need to coordinate that with everyone else, but it makes a splendid keepsake.

Games for Kids

Create a memory game for kids by having pairs of faces of various family members printed up on squares. The child gets to play the game and improve their memory skills and has a wonderful keepsake of family members. Twelve to 25 sets of photos are recommended for this.

More unique photo gift ideas involve those large cardboard cutouts you sometimes see of celebrities but that can also be created of your loved one instead. These make excellent decorations for parties and family reunions.

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