Tons of Big Head Cutouts Spotted in the Stands at the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series

Big Head Cutouts took over the stands in the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series!

Face Cutouts are tons of fun for big sporting events and these fans took it to a new level! Tons of Big Head Cutouts were spotted at the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series! Fans went wild cheering for their favorite teams and players with custom cutouts!

Cutouts make great props for basketball games! Use Big Heads, Huge Heads, or Giant Heads to cheer for your favorite player or team! You can also create logo cutouts to show your team spirit!

Cutouts can be used in so many ways! Use Big Heads as funny distractions during games or epic photo bombs! Pose with other fans and your cutouts for awesome selfies and group pictures!

Fans at the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series were loving their Big Heads and Huge Heads! You can create your own cutout by going to, uploading a photo, choosing a size, and deciding how many you’d like! It only takes five minutes to make a custom cutout!

We have a wide variety of cutouts for you to choose from including:

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Cutouts are also great props for football, tennis, softball, and baseball! Use cutouts for everything from sports to parties and festivals!

Show your team spirit at the next basketball game with Build-a-Head!

Using Cutouts:

  • Order cutouts of your favorite players
  • Upload your team logo and use it to support them from the crowd
  • Create custom cutouts with slogans and graphics
  • Share your fun on social media with #BuildAHead

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