Turkey Face cutouts

Thanksgiving Big Heads are a new Holiday Tradition!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends with Thanksgiving Big Heads!

Food, family, friends, and fun all come together for Thanksgiving! Family traditions become something to look forward to all year round! Add a new tradition this year with Thanksgiving Big Heads from Build-A-Head!

Upload any photo to create a custom cutout! We offer a wide range of sizes from our 12 x 18 inch Big Heads to our 3 ft. Giant Heads! Use photos of yourself, your family, pets, or celebrities to create fun holiday games!

In addition, you can create your own awesome photobooth activities for family and friends using our Thanksgiving Instagram Cutouts! Combine those with your Big Head Cutouts and props like our Thanksgiving Hat Cutout and Turkey Cutout tons of holiday selfies and group pictures!

Creating your own is easy! Simply go to Build-A-Head, upload any photo or choose a product, choose your size, and decide how many you’d like! It only takes five minutes!

Our products are crafted from high quality sealed foam board, making them both lightweight and durable! Order yours today and it will ship tomorrow!

A Guide to Thanksgiving Cutouts:

  • Upload any photo, text, or graphic
  • Use cutouts for family games
  • Create unique photobooths
  • Pose for group pictures and selfies with family and friends
  • Share your memories on social media with #BuildAHead



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