Football Player with a fan

Rookie of the Year Big Heads Help Celebrate Hard Work

Custom Rookie of the Year Big Heads are the Perfect Way to Celebrate that Hard Working Player! The first year of any sport is challenging and requires hard work. All newcomers strive for the title of Rookie of the Year! Celebrate this honor with custom [...]

Celebrate the 100th Win with Custom Face Cutouts

Gather Your Team and Coaches to Celebrate Your 100th Win with Big Heads from Build-A-Head! In the world of sports, there are many milestones that deserve celebration. However, few are as prestigious as the 100th win! Teams are finding new and creative ways to honor [...]

Softball Coach Big Heads are a BIG hit at the Game!

Teams, coaches, and fans love using custom Big Heads from Build-A-Head at the softball game! Custom face cutouts from Build-A-Head are perfect for sporting events of all kinds! This softball team showed off their custom Coach Big heads at their softball game! As this team shows, you [...]

4th of july big heads

Fourth of July Big Head Cutouts are a Blast

Use custom Fourth of July Big Head Cutouts for your patriotic celebration! The Fourth of July calls for fireworks, food, fun, and friends! Take your celebration to the next level with custom Fourth of July Big Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head! Custom 12 x 18 inch Big [...]

MVP Big Head Cutouts

Celebrate the MVP with Big Head Face Cutouts

Face Cutouts from Build-A-Head are the Perfect Way to Celebrate the MVP! Who works hard? Who inspires you? What member of the team pushes the others to do their best? Someone who deserves to be celebrated! At the end of the year, at the award [...]

bitmoji cardboard cutout

Bitmoji Cutouts Add Some Fun to Your Social Media

Use Your Custom Bitmoji Cutouts from Build-A-Head to Spice up Your Social Media Posts! Avatars are nothing new, but their popularity has been on the rise since the development of the Bitmoji app. With this fun app, you can create a unique cartoon version of [...]

Score Big with Little League Football Face Cutouts

Celebrate Your Little League Star’s Next Touchdown with Big Heads from Build-A-Head Little League football has become one of America’s most popular team sports for children. Future stars practice their passes and touchdowns on the field. Help cheer on the country’s next NFL stars with [...]