Make Your Own Selfie Cutouts

Radio Hosts- Promote Contests and Giveaways with Photo Booth Cutouts!

Hosts and Fans love Custom Cutouts for Radio Giveaways and Contests! Promote radio giveaways, fundraisers, and contests with fun Photo Booth Cutouts from Build-A-Head! Use cutouts for giveaway items, photo booths at events, and for creative social media posts! Cutouts are completely custom! You decide on [...]

Pet Standup Cutout

A Custom Puppy Cutout makes a Cute Gift for Kids!

Surprise your kids with a Custom Puppy Cutouts of their furry friend! Everybody loves man’s best friend and now you can appreciate your pooch with a Custom Puppy Cutout from Build-A-Head! Surprise your kids with a life size stand-up of their furry friend for their [...]

Basketball Vinyl Sticker Poster

Basketball Season is all year with Custom Wall Stickables!

Basketball Wall Stickables keep team spirit going all year! Decorate your room with your favorite athletes using our custom Basketball Wall Stickables! They’re great gifts and home decor!   Basketball Repositionable Vinyl Sticker Posters for room decor Our Wall Stickables are removable and can be easily rearranged for [...]

Welcome Home From Airport Big Head Cutouts

Welcome Home Friends and Family with Custom Face Cutouts

Welcome Your Friends or Family Home from Their Trip in a Big Way with Big Face Cut Outs from Build-A-Head! It’s that time of year when everyone likes to take vacations and go traveling! Even if your friends or family have left for vacation, that [...]

Coach Retirement Big Head Cutouts

Coach Big Heads are perfect for BIG games!

Show your spirit at any League game with custom Coach Big Heads from Build-A-Head! Sometimes its easy to get lost in the crowd at sporting events, but not with our custom Coach Big Heads! They’re the perfect way to support your team AND be noticed! [...]

Wedding Cutouts Make Your Big Day even Bigger with Customized Fun

Create a Unique and Customized Experience at Your Wedding with Big Heads, Centerpieces, and Life Size Wedding Cutouts Summer is here, which also means so are those beautiful summer weddings and fun Wedding Cutouts! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the bride [...]

John Cena Cutouts in the Cleveland Crowd for Cavs Win

¬†John Cena Cutouts made an appearance in a crowd of Cleveland fans! Basketball games are exciting for fans of all ages! Recently, our Big Heads made an appearance in the form of John Cena’s face in a crowd of supports at a high stakes basketball [...]

John Oliver gets Creative with Face Cutouts!

Fun Face Cutouts make an appearance on the John Oliver Show! Recently, John Oliver featured a fun segment on his show using custom face cutouts! As part of a scene, he used the mouth of his face cutout a tunnel in which a train emerged. [...]

Big Heads Signs Festival

Festival Big Heads and Emoji Cutouts Make an Appearance at Popular Music Festivals

Festival Big Heads and Emoji Cutouts from Build-A-Head Spotted Drumming up Fun at Music Festivals Everyone loves a good music festival! Whether you’re a musician, photographer, dancer, or just a music lover, there is something for everyone! People love bringing props, costumes, decorations, and signs [...]

Celebrate the 100th Win with Custom Face Cutouts

Gather Your Team and Coaches to Celebrate Your 100th Win with Big Heads from Build-A-Head! In the world of sports, there are many milestones that deserve celebration. However, few are as prestigious as the 100th win! Teams are finding new and creative ways to honor [...]