Tons of Big Head Cutouts Spotted in the Stands at the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series

Big Head Cutouts took over the stands in the Rockets vs. Golden State Playoff Series! Face Cutouts are tons of fun for big sporting events and these fans took it to a new level! Tons of Big Head Cutouts were spotted at the Rockets vs. [...]

Basketball Vinyl Sticker Poster

Basketball Season is all year with Custom Wall Stickables!

Basketball Wall Stickables keep team spirit going all year! Decorate your room with your favorite athletes using our custom Basketball Wall Stickables! They’re great gifts and home decor!   Basketball Repositionable Vinyl Sticker Posters for room decor Our Wall Stickables are removable and can be easily rearranged for [...]

Coach Retirement Big Head Cutouts

Coach Big Heads are perfect for BIG games!

Show your spirit at any League game with custom Coach Big Heads from Build-A-Head! Sometimes its easy to get lost in the crowd at sporting events, but not with our custom Coach Big Heads! They’re the perfect way to support your team AND be noticed! [...]

Fan Takes Big Heads to the Top!

Sports fans help to create the Big Heads craze! From the early days of Build-A-Head, we’ve had great support from many different communities, but none so much as sports fans! From basketball and football, to running, swimming, and volleyball! Fans realized that Big Head Cutouts [...]

John Cena Cutouts in the Cleveland Crowd for Cavs Win

 John Cena Cutouts made an appearance in a crowd of Cleveland fans! Basketball games are exciting for fans of all ages! Recently, our Big Heads made an appearance in the form of John Cena’s face in a crowd of supports at a high stakes basketball [...]

ESPN First Take Big Head Cutouts

Big Heads Cheer on Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s mom takes on Stephen A. Smith with Big Heads on set! The show opened with Warriors Big Head Cutouts proudly waving in the background behind Kevin Durant and company while Durant’s mom appeared as a guest on ESPN First Take. It was a bit [...]

High School Basketball Senior Night Big Head Cutouts

Does your team have a big game coming up? Here’s how to cheer them on for senior night! Senior night big head cutouts are the answer and you can make your own at As we near the end of the season many teams are gearing [...]