Spring Break with Big heads!

Spring Break party ideas with big heads by Build-A-Head

BIG spring break plans? Make them bigger with BIG head cutouts!

Spring break is right around the corner, while you are making your vacation plans don’t forget the BIG heads!  Big heads make any situation fun and always make the best photo moments! It doesn’t matter where your travel destination is, the beach, the pool, a music festival, your back yard, your friend’s back yard, all of these places are the perfect spot to bust out your big head cutouts! Don’t forget to share your photos with at #BuildAHead 🙂

Spring Break with Big heads!  Big head cutouts Vacation Ideas

Ideas to make your spring break better with BIG heads:

  • Bring a big head on vacation of a friend or family member who couldn’t make it
  • Make a custom big head of your favorite celebrity to take selfies with on the beach
  • Throw a huge party with all of your best friend’s faces on a big head cutout!
  • Take memorable photos with your big heads in famous locations

spring break ideas with big head cutouts


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