Show Support for Your School Baseball Team with Big Heads

Show Support for Your School Baseball Team with Big Heads

Every school athletic team needs fan support. Usually the majority of the attention goes to the basketball or football teams. With spring fast approaching, it’s time to drum up support for everyone’s favorite pastime – baseball! Big heads are a creative and fun way to do just that. Whether you have a favorite player, or want to endorse the whole team, cardboard cutouts of the baseball teams faces are great way to let everyone know your favorite team.

The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is upload the photos to our site and order the number of cardboard faces you want printed from each photo. In a few days, the order will arrive. Each cardboard face is mounted to a stick so it can be comfortably held and waved during pep rallies and ball games.

These promotional items are inexpensive, and they can be sold at fundraisers or given away on opening day. Imagine the look of surprise on the team’s face when they take the field and see their classmates waving pictures of them from the stands! Better yet … imagine the faces of the opposing team when they see the kind of support your school has for its baseball team.

There are not many personalized ways to show support for school athletics. This is one way you can do it and have a little fun at the same time. Big heads make a big impression on everyone, and baseball season is a great time to make that impression.

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