Prom Big Heads Make a BIG Statement at the Dance

Make Your Dance Unique with Prom Big Heads from Build-A-Head

Prom is one of the biggest events of the year! Go bigger with a custom prom Big Head cutout from Build-A-Head!


The biggest dance of the year calls for friends, fun, food, and photos! Create cute and original prom photos with 12 x 18 inch face cutouts! Get creative in your pictures and at the dance by using your custom face cutouts of you, your date, and your best friends! Upload and order photos from your childhood or something new and silly.  You can spice up your photos even more with life size cutouts! The prom possibilities are endless with Build-A-Head!

How to Use Your Big Head at Prom: 

  • Order a custom Big Head of you, your date, or your friends
  • Use your Big Head in fun group photos before prom
  • Take your cutout to the dance and get unique pictures
  • Share your memories with friends and family
  • Post your pictures on social media

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