Make Your Own Big Head Cutouts

Make your own big head cutout with any photo in a few simple steps. No extra fees for the best big head cutouts. Just four quick steps to have your big face cutouts done in minutes with the click of a button. We offer a variety of cardboard heads and foam heads – just like you see on TV. Our big face cutouts are everywhere from Madison Square Garden to local school events, sports games, and graduations. Order your big heads now!

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Step 1

Upload a photo! We will do the rest! *

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Please upload as high quality photo as you can. Contrary to what Hollywood portrays, poor quality photos and screenshots cannot be made high definition. If you are unsure if your photo quality is good enough, during checkout please select the option to have us check your photo quality.

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Photo Tips:

  1. Upload the highest definition photo you can. View our photo quality guide
  2. Over 1MB is best
  3. Don't send screenshots. Screenshots lessen quality by 1000% (try and get the original photo)
  4. Best if the face is up close
  5. If your photo is wearing a hat or big hair- your big head will only be as wide as the product is and lose some height
  6. Send your photo to a rep to get exact measurement

Step 2

Choose your size(s) and quantity

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Be sure to tell us which face to use in group photos!

Step 4: (Optional) $25

Upload a graphic to be used on the back

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Special Notes

Get it by Sep 20 , Order it by 6 PM EST (within ) and use same day ship out + overnight shipping
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Product Description

Make Your Own Big Head Cutouts!

Big head cutouts are all the rage these days! These face cutouts are a great way to celebrate any event or sports game with the best big head cutouts! Cheer on your favorite team with cutouts of your favorite players! Order a cardboard head of your friends and take them with you anywhere! The possibilities are endless from graduation to birthdays. It’s time to get creative with your huge head cutouts!

Big head cutouts by Build-A-Head are less expensive than doing it yourself and utilizing the best photo quality and precision cutting technology has to offer. Huge Head Foam Cutouts and Build-A-head Cardboard Big Heads are a great way to spice up any sporting event, birthday, graduation, or corporate outing.  Make your own big head cutouts and order just 1 or 1000’s. We’ve made it that easy and inexpensive to do. Check out how others are using Huge Head’s on our Pinterest Page!

Get super creative and add a custom back to your fan on a stick for a small fee and just a one time fee per order. No extra setup fees.