Big Head Slim Cutouts 18″

Big Head Slim 18″ | Compressed Card Stock and Foam Cutouts

Create your own big head cutout on a stick with any photo. Just upload your photo and your big heads will ship out the next day! (order by 5pm ET) Our 12×18 Slim Big Head is made of card stock and comes with a stick for extra grip while you are having fun! No extra fees. Our big face cutouts are seen everywhere from college basketball games, NFL games, concerts, political rallies, weddings, birthdays, and more!

Get super creative and add a custom full color back for a small fee of $25. (one time fee per order) No extra setup fees, choose even more sizes below with your order. All Huge Heads are composed of high quality sealed foam, for special size/material requests please email us at 

Starting at $5.99

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Please upload as high quality photo as you can. Contrary to what Hollywood portrays, poor quality photos and screenshots cannot be made high definition. If you are unsure if your photo quality is good enough, during checkout please select the option to have us check your photo quality.

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Photo Tips:

  1. Upload the highest definition photo you can. View our photo quality guide
  2. Over 1MB is best
  3. Don't send screenshots. Screenshots lessen quality by 1000% (try and get the original photo)
  4. Best if the face is up close
  5. If your photo is wearing a hat or big hair- your big head will only be as wide as the product is and lose some height
  6. Send your photo to a rep to get exact measurement

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Get it by Oct 29 , Order it by 5 PM EST (within ) and use Rush Processing + Overnight shipping
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Product Description

Big Head Slim Cutouts 18″

Don’t let the low cost fool you. Build-A-Head 12×18 Big Head Slim face cutouts are what we do. This is the least expensive and best quality big head you can find, we guarantee that. No need to look further, take it from the company who started big face cutouts. Our 12×18 size fits most venue and arena regulations and always guarantees a fun time!

Huge Heads are a great way to spice up any sporting event, birthday, or corporate outing.  Check out how others are using Huge Head’s on our Pinterest Page!

Cheaper than doing it yourself and you are utilizing the best photo quality and precision cutting technology has to offer. Huge Head foam cutouts and Build-A-Head Slim big heads are great ways to create engagement for any sporting event, birthday, or corporate event. Make your own big head cutouts today, order just 1 or 1000’s. We’ve made it that easy and inexpensive to do. 

Get super creative and add a full color custom back for $25, one time fee per order. No extra setup fees.
Please note that if there is long hair or hats in the photo, your big head will be scaled to fit within the 12×18 frame.