bride and groom with big head cutouts

Photographers who have added a stream of income by offering big heads

Professional photographers chose to make many different subjects the focus of their work. Some love capturing beautiful natural landscapes while others focus on taking amazing photos that document the nature of the human experience. The one thing many full-time photographers have in common is the struggle to make a living.

To make ends meet, most photographers take up wedding photography or sports photography. This reliable source of income funds has funded the passion projects of countless shutterbugs. In these industries, the name of the game is offering customers as many options as possible.

Here’s where can help. Photographers of all stripes have discovered that their customers love big heads and are looking for ways to cash in on the trend.

Types of photographers who have added a stream of income by offering big heads:

  • Wedding Photographers

Including wedding big heads in photo packages is a great way to give customers more choices. Photographers might offer big heads as part of an engagement photo package. The resulting cutouts could be passed out as unique souvenir at the reception.

For the couple buying only wedding photos, big head cutouts would make a great addition to the wedding photo collection. Couples will love this unique way to remember their big day.

bride and groom with big head cutouts

  • Sports Photographers

Most sports photographers make a living by doing team photography, from little league photos all the way up to professional team photos. Sports photos are such a great market because parents love to have photos of their children.

You may choose to offer each member of the team big heads as a way to commemorate the year or for use in a team cheering section throughout the year.

Cheering mom in the crowd with huge head cutout

At, we are photographer friendly. If you make the choice to offer big heads in your photography packages, we make it our mission to make the process as easy as possible. Simply upload clients photos and make some simple adjustments. Has a client given you a rush order? With most orders shipping next day, you’ll be able to complete even the most urgent orders.

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