Photo Cut Outs: A Fun Alternative to Wedding Place Cards

Photo Cut Outs: A Fun Alternative to Wedding Place Cards

423526_4468330590172_1504799219_n-1Today’s weddings aren’t the stiff, formal events that they once were. Brides and grooms today want fun and unique ways to create lasting memories. One way to create a special memory for your guests is to ditch the old-fashioned place cards and opt for photo cut outs, instead.

Seating Becomes a Treasure Hunt

The bride and groom spend a lot of time greeting guests after a ceremony, which means many attendees are stuck sitting at tables waiting for dinner. By adding photo cut outs featuring a photo of each guest, your guests can have fun searching for their seats. It’s a fun way to update the formality of traditional place cards and give your guests something to do while they wait for dinner. You can write a note to each guest on the back of the cutouts to thank them for attending your wedding.

Use the Photos as Props

Photographers are always looking for unique photo experiences to capture your wedding day, and these cutouts are the perfect prop for pictures. Have Mom hold up a picture of Dad, or have kids hold up photo cut outs of their parents, for a fun set of pictures that will bring a smile to your face every time you go through your wedding photos.

Photo cut outs can be used in many ways at your wedding, from photo booth props and favors, to place cards. As you plan your big day, think of the many ways you can incorporate these great images into your wedding reception to add fun and excitement to the event.

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