Personalized Wedding Favors and Unique Gifts for Your Summer Wedding

Personalized Wedding Favors and Unique Gifts for Your Summer Wedding


new photoIt’s summer wedding time!

Wedding day is stressful enough, whether you’re the bride, groom, wedding planner, or even the wedding guest. We’re here to help make planning your special day easy by sharing some awesome wedding favor ideas and fun, unique gifts for the happy couple.

If you are getting married this summer or planning weddings for your clients, you’re probably deciding on what unique wedding favors you can give guests that are different from the run of the mill “candy in a cup” favors.
How about some personalized face cutouts of the bride and groom on a mini head key chain or a holiday ornament? In addition, most of our wedding planners order our 50 pack big head face cutouts: 30 of the bride and groom for the wedding tables which make for GREAT guest photos! And 20 of the bridal party for the perfect wedding photo.

Imagine the laughter and smiles when your wedding guests open up their wedding favors and discover their favorite couples’ smiling faces! These will be cherished keepsakes for a long time. We design high quality key chains and holiday ornaments AND ship it to you next day!

If you’re a guest at an upcoming wedding this summer, you’ve started thinking about what gifts to show your love and appreciation for the bride and groom. How about ordering a big head of the happy couple and using it to make surprise appearances in photos and videos during the wedding day?

We guarantee you’ll receive lots of laughter and giggles when you pop in with these heads from out of nowhere!

We’ve even designed some special Wedding Packs to make ordering easy for you.

100 Big Head Wedding Pack 
50 Big Head Wedding Pack

Let’s make your wedding day or your clients’ wedding day unique and unforgettable. Delight your bride, groom, and guests with entertaining face cutouts, mini head ornaments and key chains!

Need more ideas? Check out our wedding pinterest page or visit our site and talk to a live chat rep in the bottom right, it’s that easy!

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