Fishing Tournament Big Heads

Huge Head Cutouts support Competitors at Summer Fishing Tournaments

Support your favorite Fisherman at Summer Fishing Tournaments with Huge Head Cutouts!

Fishing tournaments are often accompanied by food and festivities- add even more fun to the day with Custom  2 ft.Huge Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

Fishing Tournament Big Heads

Big fishing tournament coming up? Stand out from the crowd by showing the ultimate team spirit with your custom BIG head!

Upload photos of the participants, mascots, or logos for completely custom cutout! Our cutouts are crafted from high quality compressed vinyl foam board and compressed cardboard.

Check out our Amazon products (like our Sunglasses Emoji Cutout) for more ways to shop! Enjoy the tournament festivities with cutouts. Use Big Heads for photos with participants, cheering for them, or get cutouts autographed!


Ordering your own Fishing Tournament Cutout is easy! Simply go to Build-A-Head, upload any photo, and decide the size and how many you’d like!

Cutouts make great gifts, fun props at sporting events, and awesome decorations at reunions. Cheer on your favorite fishermen as they reel in the big ones and win awesome prizes!

Create your custom cutout today and it will ship out tomorrow! Make a splash with Huge Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!


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