College Football Big Head Cutouts

Huge Head Cutouts are Perfect for HUGE Events

Huge Events like weddings, parties, and concerts call for Huge Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

When it comes to important events, we love to go all out when we celebrate! You can too with Huge Head Cutouts! Our cutouts are completely custom, meaning  you can use any photos, text, or graphics to create the cutout that’s perfect for your event!

Our 2 ft. Huge Heads are tons of fun for birthday parties, cheering on your team at sporting events, and for jamming in the crowd at concerts and music festivals! They make unique gifts and fun photo props!

Selfies and group photos are better than ever! Pose with friends and family for memorable pictures! Use them as decorations or give them as gifts!

Coachella Big Head Cutout

You can also choose:

Ordering your own custom cutout is easy! Just go to Build-A-Head, upload any photo, choose your size, and decide how many you’d like! It only takes five minutes!

All of our cutouts are made from high quality materials and ship out the next day! They’re also durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for all of your outdoor activities!

How to create the perfect cutout:

  • Upload any photo or choose templates
  • Create fun photo booths
  • Pose with Frames and Big Head Cutouts
  • Decorate with Big Head Cutouts
  • Share your fun on social media with #BuildAHead
  • Tag your friends
  • follow us on Pinterest for more ideas!

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