How to prepare for Marathon day

Big Heads MarathonAre you or a friend running a marathon or other run and you’re wondering how to prepare for something like that?

You’ve done the training and gradually increased the length of your practice runs. Check.

You’ve been eating healthy and taking care of your body. Check.

But now the big day is here. What do you do to continue the motivation and excitement throughout the entire run and especially towards the end?

You get a bunch of big face cutouts of you or your friend and wave them around like crazy at strategic points during the race!

Yes, runners won’t have time to read the signs you took so long to create. But they sure will recognize their own face in the crowd!

That’s why Build-A-Head has created big heads of varying sizes, from the 3 foot HUGE face cutout to the 12 x 17” slims.

So why is this such a great idea to support your friend or loved one?

Just check out the photos from the Liberty Mile race August 1st in Pittsburgh, PA. Marathon with 2ft Big Head Everyone had so much fun, runners and supporters alike! The best part is the big heads were all over social media and in the news, so it was great exposure for the runners, sponsors, and organization. So if you want your 15 seconds of fame, here is a great way to do it!

Your marathon training wouldn’t be complete without fun face cutouts to support yourself or your friend and loved one! If you’re ready to put you or your friend’s face on a big head, then come on over to our website and chat with a live representative today!

Happy running!

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