How to maximize your event sponsorship and promotion with big heads!

Celebrity Big HeadsAre you an event promoter and curious about creative ways to promote your sponsors and artists at your upcoming concert or event?

We’ve all seen those boring, traditional banners and printed signs plastered all over the stage or in the hallways. But what if you had a more creative and effective way to promote your sponsors that was both fun and doesn’t break your budget?

Then we have the perfect solution for you. Build-A-Head has teamed up with event promoters and DJs nationwide to create sponsored big head cutouts!

Imagine this: Your fans will be waving big heads of their favorite artist or DJ while the backside of these custom face cutouts feature the sponsor’s full color and customized logo.

Some of the benefits of promoting your sponsors this way is:

  • People will have a souvenir to take home with them, including the sponsor’s info
  • You’ll simultaneously be promoting the artist/DJ and sponsor at the same time!
  • You’ll engage your fans even more with these fun custom face cutouts
  • They’re a great way to spread the sponsor’s message without being annoying or overly promotional

Ordering is easy and we ship next day! Check out our website to get started or chat with a live representative here!

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