Give Your Favorite Star a Big Head

Give Your Favorite Star a Big Head

The spring sports season is just starting to heat up, so why not build a head for your favorite student athlete?

Decorating your child’s room with big head versions of his or her favorite athletes is one way to let him know you love them, but making them the star of the show will definitely let your child know who comes first in your book. When you a build a head for your child, you let them know what it might be like to live the dream of making it to the big leagues.

A big head is also a great way to set your child’s portrait apart from all the other staged sports photographs taken each year. Whether it’s in a batting helmet or swinging a tennis racket, you can design the look that lets your child feel like a sports professional.

Instead of lining the hall with the same old pose, you can offer visitors to your home a unique look at some of the things that make your son or daughter special. With these specially designed materials, you can also change the display regularly – from season to season or child to child.

Building a head for your child or family is simple and inexpensive, but shows the world what is most important in your life – family.

And if sports aren’t your thing, a big head can still work for you. Favorite pets and other family photos work well for a hallway display of what and who is important in your life.

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