beach big head cutouts

Get Summer Ready with BIG Head Cutouts

Summer break is right around the corner!

Get summer ready with your custom big head cutouts! Summer time is the time for beaches, festivals, family vacations, sports, and more. Whatever the event may be, big heads are here to make the party even more fun! Check out how to make your summer BIGGER and better.

beach big head cutouts

Big heads shown above were spotted celebrating a 60th birthday bash on the beach!

vacation big head cutouts    vacation big head cutouts

Make a big head of your pet to bring on vacation!

You can’t always bring your beloved pet on vacation with you, but you can bring a big head cutout of them! This family brought big head cutouts of their puppy to Maui, Hawaii and took fun family pet photos with them.

Ideas for summer BIG head cutouts: 

  • Make a big head cutout of a family member to bring on vacation
  • Make a big head face cutout of a pet to bring on vacation
  • Make giant big heads for your summer league team
  • Make a huge big head of your favorite artist for the festival


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