Fundraising with People Cutouts

Fundraising with People Cutouts

Fundraising with People Cutouts

12171683People cutouts are perfect for fundraising at junior and senior high schools. You can order merchandise with each of your payer’s faces for any sports team. Sell these items at pep rallies, games, and fundraisers to help your team raise the money it needs for new uniforms, summer training camp, or new equipment.

Key Chain Face Cutouts

Key chain face cutouts are great ways for students to show support for their favorite players. With teens who are just getting their own sets of keys for the family car, there will be plenty of demand for cool key chains. Parents of players will also love buying these fun mementos.

Cardboard Face Cutouts

Great for pep rallies and game day, cardboard face cutouts are a fun and interesting way to celebrate players who make an amazing play during the game. Make sure your fundraising team encourages people to buy more than one face so they can cheer on the whole team. You may also want to consider these cutouts as accessories for the cheerleading squad.


There is no better way to show team spirit than to wear a t-shirt featuring the face of your favorite player. Parents and family members, in particular, will be excited to buy these souvenirs, but avid fans and many students will also want to get in on the fun.

Fundraising for school activities is getting harder. Selling candy at the concession stand won’t make enough money to pay for the equipment your team needs, so you should think of more inventive ways to raise funds. People cutouts are innovative and fun items that people will be excited to buy.

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