Fun Ideas for Your Child's 16th Birthday Party

Fun Ideas for Your Child’s 16th Birthday Party

Turning 16 is a milestone for any child.

It’s the age when kids start driving and beginning to form a sense of independence. Instead of just celebrating with a traditional cake and some presents, you can create a fun, nostalgic atmosphere that your teen will remember for years to come.

Take a Trip Back in Time with Cardboard Cutouts

You can go through old photo albums to find pictures of your child at every age and have them turned into cardboard cutouts. These can serve as decorations that show just how much your teen has grown over the years. You can even pass these out to everyone at the party to hold up as you serve the birthday cake.

Big Head T-Shirts

Add those same photos you chose for cardboard cutouts to custom t-shirts to wear at the party. Pass out shirts to all your guests to give your teen a fun surprise when the party starts. You can also opt to pass out t-shirts with the same baby picture so that everyone has the same party favor to take home at the end of the night.

Custom Key Chains

If your teen is getting a set of keys for a new car, you might want to consider a cutout keychain with your child’s face on it for a fun way to show that he or she is getting a car. Put the key in a wrapped box and let your child find out what the gift is when he or she sees the key and keychain together.

There are lots of ways to incorporate custom cardboard cutouts, t-shirts, and key chains into your teen’s 16th birthday. Use one or all of these ideas to create the perfect party your child won’t soon forget.

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