Custom pet tags: which one’s the best for your pet?

Custom pet tags: which one’s the best for your pet?

custom pet tags w logoAre you a cat or dog lover and enjoy spoiling your pet to bits?

Or have you just adopted a pet and are looking to get a unique pet tag to identify your pet, but are having a hard time choosing from all the different options out there?

Then look no further! We’ve got custom pet tags that are perfect for any cat or dog lover.

You can start with a mini face cutout for your dog or cat to wear. That’s right, if your pet is wearing YOUR face cutout, there will be no question whose dog or cat it is on the block!

Or, if you just want to add some unique bling to your animal’s collar, you can use anyone’s face you like! Whoever your favorite person is: your nephew, mom, dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as you have a clear photo, we can make it!

Mini face cutouts make the best custom pet tags because:

  • They’re great conversation starters and attention getters
  • They’re truly one of a kind, which will make other people so jealous!
  • There will be no question as to whose dog or cat is wandering around with your face cutout!
  • They will brighten your day and anyone you run into
  • They’re really unique and so much fun!

Our personalized pet tags are the size of a quarter, come with a hang tag, and are made of durable plastic for those dogs that love to chew.

You can upload your photos and order in just 5 minutes! Check out our site and chat with a live representative who will help you create the perfect custom pet tag or gift!

For more awesome ideas with face cutouts, check out our Pinterest page!

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