Chiropractor big head cutouts

Chiropractors! Grow your practice and engage patients with your BIG head!

Are you a chiropractor or a chiropractor’s office professional and looking to grow your patient base while also making your office environment more fun and engaging for your patients?

What if you could make your patient’s experience really fun and entertaining? What if you could find new ways to market your practice effectively and inexpensively without using traditional paid advertising or direct mail marketing? What if you could finally figure out how to leverage social media to work for you? If you answered yes to any of the above, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Build-A-Head has teamed up with chiropractors across the nation to help them leverage social media to engage their patients and promote their business.


Run a Flat Stanley Contest!

It’s simple. You first order a bunch of big face cutouts (aka Flat Stanleys) of the chiropractor with your office logo printed on the back. Then you run a contest where you give prizes to your patients who take the best photos with your Flat Stanley and post on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure your patients hashtag and tag you in the photos posted on their social media! And bam! You’ve just engaged your patients in a fun way while promoting your business at the same time.

Here are the pros of running this contest:

  • It’s great and inexpensive marketing.
  • It’s fun and entertaining.
  • your patients will love it!

Another reason why running this contest is brilliant marketing is patients are promoting you and doing the endorsing, and we all know that referral marketing is still the best way to get more clients. Whether you’re a dentist, Optometrist, Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, or Veterinarian, this contest and marketing strategy works really well!

We have special pricing available for bulk orders of big head “slims” and we ship tomorrow! Come on over to our website and place your order in as little as 5 minutes! You can even talk to a live chat representative who would be happy to assist you throughout the whole process!

Not ready to order just yet? Tell us who you are and when you want to get started!


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