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Cheerleaders now need cheerleaders??

Cheerleaders now need cheerleaders??

A guide on how to cheer at a cheer competition.

If you haven’t stopped and looked around at youth sports and activities lately… you may not have noticed that competitive cheer leading is now very… well, competitive!

These aren’t your parents cheerleaders, clapping with a leg kick thrown in the mix and a catchy chant. These girls and guys are REAL athletes. Which brings us to our headline.

Cheerleaders need cheerleaders! And we have the perfect answer for you if you’re heading to a competition soon.

You can’t out cheer a cheer leader, so you’re going to need some props, and we don’t just mean a cheer sign that says “Go Girl!”. The new fan craze are Big Head face cut outs (Heads on a stick on steroids!), t-shirts with your stars face on them, even mini face key chains for the cheer duffle bag or car ride to the big cheerleading competition.

Being a competitive cheerleading supporter, your days and nights are filled with trips to practice, tournaments on the weekend, and don’t forget tumbling practice at the local gymnastics gym. We know it’s a busy lifestyle, so here’s your answer to support your cheerleading star…

Upload ANY photo to our cheer leading fan gear maker and we’ll ship your cheer Build-A-Head gear to you the next day! Pick the items you want with your son, daughter, or friend’s face on it and we’ll ship your BIG head cutouts, face t shirts, and mini face cheerleading keychains directly to you. You’ll receive them within 3 days with our $9.99 rush shipping!


How much easier can it get for a cheer mom or dad on the go?

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