Celebrate the MVP James Harden with Big Head Cutouts!

Support the reigning MVP James Harden with Big Head Cutouts!

James Harden won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award on Monday Night at the NBA Awards. Harden, a former sixth man has been seen at college basketball games all over the country in the form of Big Head Cutouts.

Harden’s distinguishable face can be made as big as 3 feet to be seen from any angle in the crowd!

James Harden Build A Head Image

Houston Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni was pleased to see James Harden become that much more memorable to the comrade of the NBA. You can make your favorite sports star or family member memorable too!

Upload photos of the star in your family, players coaches, GM, media members or even your favorite mascot! Our cutouts are made with the highest quality material from high quality compressed vinyl foam board and compressed cardboard.

There are many ways to make a cardboard cutout like the James Harden big head:

Ordering your own Cutout can be done in a few quick and easy steps! Go to Build-A-Head, upload any photo, and decide the size and how many you’d like to order!

Cutouts are great for any sporting events including College, Professional or even Little League. Make the crowd a spectical at dance recitals and cheerleading competitions. Create your own and it will ship the very next day!

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