Oregon Jamboree

Country concert big face cutouts stand out during packed Oregon Jamboree

Country superstar big head cutouts were an instagram hit idea at popular music festival.

Big head slims were passed out in masses with concert promotion and hashtags on the back for fans to share their photos. Build-A-Head has enjoyed its multi year partnership with The Oregon Jamboree and fans were delighted with big face cutouts of all of their favorite country music stars as they walked in to the country concert festival.  Huge heads of  Clint Black and Cloverdayle were big hits as were Jamie Lynn Spears and Brett Eldredge. Fans had a great time taking selfies with their country big head cutouts and the performances were great. Build-A-Head made a huge appearance as dozens of big heads were seen through out the crowd. 3 foot huge heads of band members stood out from afar and  2 foot big heads really added to the photo booth.

huge head foam concert cutouts

Country superstar big head cutouts for music concerts

Big head cutouts and cowboy boots! Country party musts. #BuildAHead

Big head cutouts father and son

Country music fan poses with his favorite big head cutout on top of his dads shoulders at concert.

A dad brought his son to the Oregon Jamboree where a Jumbo Brett Eldredge Big Head photo opp was a fun fan idea.

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