Birthday Party Big Heads

Birthday Party Big Heads

Is there a special birthday coming up for a friend or family member?

Is someone you know reaching a milestone birthday like 16 or 30 or 65? These are special events that carry added meaning for the birthday recipient. Celebrations should reflect that special flavor and one way to do that is by having cardboard cutouts of the birthday person made for the party.

Choose a favorite photo of the individual, one that is easily recognizable, perhaps a bit silly or maybe a glamorous shot. Determine the number of people attending the party and order enough big heads – cardboard versions of the photo on a stick. As guests arrive at the party, each gets a big head. This works particularly well if the celebration is a surprise party. When it is time for the guest to arrive, all the guests hold up the faces on sticks. The guest of honor enters the room to cheers and a loud “Surprise” coming from dozens of himself or herself.

A creative host will be able to create party games that involve using the big heads to add a little more fun to the celebration. At the end of the evening, the guest can take home their cardboard face as a party favor.

When planning that special birthday celebration, don’t forget the big heads. They add an element of fun not seen at many parties. The guest of honor will be tickled by the effort and the other guests will have a keepsake of a memorable event.

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