Big heads support your kids at Little League games

Big heads support your kids at Little League games

little league blog photoThis year marks Little League’s 75th Anniversary.

Little League youth baseball stands for more than just athleticism, it stands for teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership. And for kids, it’s never too soon to learn these valuable life lessons.

That’s why Build-A-Head is proud to support moms, dads, and relatives everywhere in cheering their little leaguer on. The Little League World Series officially starts early August, but games are happening now all over the nation, and what better way to make your child feel like a winner by showing up with a big face cutout of your superstar?

Many team moms and parents have already joined this exciting craze! If you’re a team mom, you can start the order with us and have your parents individually upload their kid’s faces so they each get a custom big head face cutout (or 2 or 3 or 10!). Or you can upload the photos all at once and place your team order in less than 5 minutes! We ship out tomorrow.

Big heads are not only great at Little League games, but they’re also perfect for any youth sports from soccer to rugby to hockey.

Let’s not forget the non-sports events too! Big heads are also perfect for dance recitals, birthday parties, or any special event to celebrate your amazing child!

For more fun ideas to celebrate your child’s big day, check out our Pinterest or visit our site and talk to a live chat rep in the bottom right, it’s that easy!

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