Big heads help parents deal with kids going away to college or deployment

Do you have a child who’s away at college? Or maybe your kid is deployed?

Perhaps you have a husband, wife, or other loved one is deployed and you’re missing that person.

Here at Build-A-Head, we understand the importance of quality time with family and loved ones. That’s why we’re all about bringing families together and making those special occasions even more exciting, fun, and engaging!

But what if some of your family members are unavailable to attend holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving or family events like birthday parties, weddings, and sports games because they’re away at college or deployed?

Then we have the perfect solution to help you deal with your kids going to college or your loved ones being deployed!

How about ordering a big face cutout of your kids or loved ones to take pictures with during the event? Yes, it’s like the absent person is right there with you! Not only will you love it, but everyone else there will too! People will take turns taking pictures with the absentee’s big head! And the best part is you’ll have photo mementos you can share with the absentee AND with other friends and family on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Everyone will benefit from the extra excitement and you’ll have a fun distraction from missing that person so much.

It’s easy to order, and we take care of most of the process! All we need from you is a photo of your loved one who’s away at college or deployed. We’ll make it and ship it to you next day!

For more great ideas with big face cutouts, check out ourPinterest or chat with a live representative at our site here. Now let’s go celebrate!

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