Big Heads Are Perfect for March Madness

Big Heads Are Perfect for March Madness

March Madness is that time of year when college basketball teams battle on the court for the championship. The NCAA Men’s and Women’s leagues both participate, and fans are fiercely devoted to their favorite teams. March Madness has become a major sporting event, and many people throw game-viewing parties throughout the month. A basketball big head is the ideal way to decorate for your March Madness party.

Getting together to watch the games or going to the stadium as a group adds a level of excitement to the event. College basketball fans are among the most loyal—or, as some might say—rabid fans in sports. If you plan to have these basketball fans in your home, you would be wise to provide plenty of refreshments and entertainment.

In addition to the buffet you’re planning, think about how to keep them occupied during the festivities. There will a lot of cheering and yelling if the team does well, and there may be a lot of cursing and yelling if they don’t. Keep the partygoers excited either way with something fun like big head party favors.

A big head is a cardboard cutout with the face or image of someone on it. These can be stand-up size or small and mounted on a handheld stick. The handheld models are great for waving as the star player takes the court, shoots the free throw or makes that long 3-pointer to win the game.

A basketball big head gives your guests something to wave during moments of excitement and a treasured keepsake to take home after the party. Use these great favors from the Sweet 16 all the way through the Final Four.

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