branded big head swag for marketing

Big heads are going viral all around the world. Become an affiliate.

Big heads are going viral all around the world.

No, we’re not talking about your co-worker with the huge ego, rather people worldwide have been coming up all kinds of ways to use big head cutouts.

Basketball, baseball, and football fans everywhere have really taken to the idea of putting their favorite players on a big head. The trend may have started out with sports but has been put to use in more ways than we could have ever imagined. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out #buildahead on Instagram to see some of the big face cutout ideas our customers have been coming up with.

The Untapped marketing potential of big heads.

While our big head cutouts offer plenty of room for creativity on the front, there is an equal amount of real estate on the back of each big head that often goes unused. Every customer has the option to use this space to add any kind of message they chose to their big head cutout.


How to make the most of your big heads:

  • Marketing- Local businesses sponsoring a little league team could buy team moms a big head, placing marketing messages on the back.
  • Player or team stats- Big heads make great team signs. Add player stats, team stats, or both to each one.
  • Congratulatory messages- Celebrate the big day in a special way. Give newlyweds, birthday boys and girls, or new graduates a big head with a special message printed on the back.
  • Nonprofit information- If your nonprofit is looking for a way to honor dedicated volunteers or participants in an event, big heads are the perfect way to say thanks. Use the back of each cutout to spread the word about your cause, promote a website, or let participants know about your next event.

branded big head swag for marketing


Designing your big head has never been easier with Whether you’re a business in the market for branded Build-A-Heads or a great friend with a big head idea for the perfect birthday present, we’re here to help. Visit today to get started or become an affiliate of the Build-A-Head face cutout brand.

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