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Big Head Cutouts make an Appearence at the Dwayne Wade x Jimmy Butler Basketball Camp!

Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler’s Basketball Camp featured tons of fun activities, including Big Head Cutouts!

Athletes are great role models. They inspire us to be determined, hardworking, and to never give up on our dreams! We love to watch our favorite players do what they do best, whether it be on the field, on the court, or anywhere in between! What’s even better is when the athletes reach out to us!

Recently, Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler worked together to host their very own basketball camp! The camp was tons of fun and was a huge success. Over 500 kids from all over the world attended their camp!

One fun feature of their camp were their custom Big Heads! Not only did Dwayne and Jimmy have fun with them, but the camp participants did too!

Big Heads have a way of making people smile!

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How to use Big Heads for events:

  • Order a custom Big Head of you or your favorite celebrity or athlete
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