Big Head Cutouts Cheer on Tennis Players in the U.S. Open

Custom Face Cutouts are a hit for the U.S. Open!

The U.S. Open is an exciting event for tennis players and tennis fans of all ages! The participants train rigorously all year round. Their hard work shows as the players sprint, shuffle, and leap to make their shots! Tennis is a very suspenseful sport, making it one of the most interesting to watch! Fans love to support their favorite players. A wonderful way to do this is with custom Tennis Big Head Cutouts from Build-A-Head!

Support your favorite players from the crowd or just from your couch! Upload any photo to create your own 12 x 18 inch Big Head. Cutouts are great for parties too! If you can’t see the tennis matches in person, gather your friends and watch them on T.V! Life Size Tennis Cutouts are perfect for these occasions!

Tennis Life Size Standup

Ordering your own is easy! Simply go to Build-A-Head, upload a photo of your favorite tennis player, choose your size, and decide how many you want!

Our products are high quality, durable (perfect for outdoors), and they ship the next day! Build-A-Head has you covered for the U.S. Open!

Using Cutouts for the U.S. Open:

  • Upload a photo of your favorite tennis player
  • Bring your cutouts to the event and support players from the crowd
  • Watch the matches on T.V.
  • Throw fun parties with your friends
  • Take photos with your cutouts
  • Share the fun on social media with #BuildAHead



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