Amazing School Mascot Ideas

Amazing School Mascot Ideas

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School is almost back in session and it’s time to start planning those Welcome Back events: rallies, assemblies, sports games, dances, etc. Students will be so excited to see their friends and share their awesome summer vacation stories, so why not do something memorable and unique to start off the school year with a bang?

We all know that mascots are great for building school spirit and excitement at school events. But instead of having just one mascot running around in costume this year, how about having hundreds and hundreds of mascots at these events?

How you ask? By handing out a bunch of face cutouts of your school mascot to students before your sports games, rallies, assemblies, and school events!

This is not only a great way to build school pride and spirit, but it’s also a great way to distract the opposing team at home games!

Face cutout mascot giveaways are also a great way to help students feel like an important part of the school. Students will know that it’s part of their job to build the school’s team spirit!

For more great ideas for fan gear at school events, check out our Pinterest page or chat with a live representative over at our site!

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